Entry Fee £40 

Guernsey Ultra 2018:  Sunday 20th May 2018. 

The race is now full but please join the waiting list and we will let you know if a place becomes available. Currently 42 on the waiting list.

Refund Policy

We recognise that things sometimes do not go to plan and you may need to withdraw your entry.  However, we do incur upfront costs to run the event so the following applies.

1. Up to 8 weeks before the event you may defer to next year or receive a refund of 75% of the entry fee. Or you may opt to transfer your entry to another runner on the waiting list once you have received confirmation from us to do this. Note that a £4 admin fee will be deducted - this reflects the cost to us of processing the entry/refund.

2. Between 8 and 4 weeks before the event, you may defer to next year or transfer your entry to another runner on the waiting list once you have received confirmation from us to do this. Note that a £4 admin fee will be deducted - this reflects the cost to us of processing the entry/refund.

No changes can be accepted and no refunds given closer than 4 weeks before the event. This is to allow time for final orders to arrive.

Entry to the waiting list does not guarantee entry to the race or to subsequent races.

Entrants List 2018

1.Tony Benech               Jersey 

2.Alan Teeling                 Irish 

3.Tiaan Erwee                 South African 

4.Rupert Hague-Holmes  British 

5.Pete Morgan               British 

6.Andy Hatton               Guernsey 

7.Michel Hardie             British 

8.Gareth Strange           British 

9.Simon Mackenzie       Jersey 

10.Tobin Cook                  Guernsey 

11.Britta Werner             German 

12.Beth Pirie                    British 

13.Jim Newton                British 

14.Mags Newton            British 

15.Martin Walker           British

16.Tim Guest                   British

17.Audrey Reddington  British 

18.Richard Hill                 British 

19.Pierre Garrick             British 

20.Michael Barclay         British 

21.Rob Herivel                British 

22.Tim Brown                 British 

23.Jayne Mitchell           British 

24.Alison Moullin           Guernsey

25.John Morgan             British 

26.David Moss               British

27.Vicky Carre               Guernsey 

28.Mark Betts               Guernsey 

29.Simon Lester            British 

30.Dean Cooper            British

31.Dan Armsden           Guernsey 

32.Glenn Doel                British 

33.Mathew Le Huray    Guernsey 

34.Nick Alexander        Guernsey 

35.Tom Becker              British

36.Robert Winter          British 

37.David Vaudin            British

38.Ali Atkinson              British

39.Beverley Dereham  British 

40.Julia Webb               British 

41.Helen Alvis               British 

42.James Donald          British 

43.Iain Singer                British 

44.Chris Molloy            British 

45.Teresa Foster           New Zealander 

46.Steven Marquis       Guernsey 

47.Steven McDonald  British 

48.Julie Ashman           British 

49.Sharon Simpson      Welsh 

50.Amanda-Jayne Bygrave  British

51.Chris Colclough         Guernsey 

52.Michael Blundell       British 

53.Piers Mitchell             British

54.Steve Mann              Guernsey 

55.Sarah Sarre               British 

56.Bernie Quinn            British

57.Steve Coote              British

58.Lindsay McFarlane  British

59.Guy Rogers               Guernsey

60.Matthew Malorey   Jersey

61.Frank Womelsdorf  German

62.Michael  Ward          British

63.Brian Lewis               British

64.Eduardo Rocha        Portugal 

65.Grzegorz Jurkiewicz  British 

66.Karin Heath              German 

67.Ingrid Frankfurth       German 

68.Steve Heath              Welsh 

69.Ivory Green-lott       United States 

70.Michael Alderdice    British 

71.Helen Johnston        British 

72.James Watchorn      Guernsey 

73.Martin Lock              New Zealand 

74.Brian Bougourd       British 

75.Ian Mackay               British 

76.Rob Rumfitt              Jersey 

77.Nicki Mackay            British 

78.Cathy Sowden          British 

79.Dave Sowden           British 

80.Lynsey Adamson      British

81.Karen Stanley          British

82.Rach Stead              British

83.Simon Lorier           Guernsey

84.David Anderson      British

85.Elton Foister          British

86.Richard Hudson     British

87.Andy Wright           British

88.Howard Smith        British

89.Nick Livesey           British

90.Harry McAlinden    British

91.Anna Tyson           Guernsey

92.Tom Chamberlain   British

93.Joe Tarragano         British

94.Stephen Cousins    British

95.Victoria Cousins     British

96.Richard Shlovogt   British

97.Thomas Bunce      British

98.Sharla Elder          British

99.Louise McWilliams  British

100.   Lee De Ste Croix  Jersey

Waiting List

Kristofer Duffy

Tracey Jolly

Thomas Fietz

Alison Gavey

Jerym Brunton

Sally Ingledew

Lance Mason

Rebecca Burridge

Peter Beausire

Jim O'Brien

Francesco Musardo 

Robert Buckland

David Buckland

James Tostevin

Ben Duggan

Daniel Holme

Simon Leightley

William Law

Lorna Castle

Tom Saunders

Steve Bienvenu

Shanine Torode

David Buddery

Susan Foot

Elaine Battson

Stuart Cooper

Chris McClymont

Jonathan Morton

Hannah Bradshaw

Alasdair Johnson

Mark Kelly

Alexandre Gowie

Neil Hutchison

Lol Hill-Tout

Mark Lucas

Simon Staples

Mark Naftel

John Dowds

Tom Hutchison

James Brouner

Beate Bienicke